Monday, September 29, 2008

The most important thing to happen to the web since the Rick-Roll.

Welcome to my super awesome new blogspot blog!

After seeing someone else’s shiny new blog, I became green with envy and decided to create my own. Some would call that "copying" but I like to think of it as "being inspired." Don't judge me. Also, it seems like this will be a lot easier than trying to blog on myspace because, let’s be honest, myspace blogging kind of sucks. And by "kind of" I mean "really, really, really." And you’ve all gone to Facebook (which I refuse to use until it's already passe), so this seems like a good compromise. I’m sure you’re all bookmarking this blog, right? Go ahead. I'll wait.

I guess I'll have to come up with the obligatory "getting to know me" post. Though honestly, I can't imagine anyone who doesn't already know me having the slightest interest in reading one of my blogs (I'd be shocked if anyone who does know me has the slightest interest, but I appreciate it that you're humoring me). Much like the blog itself, it'll have lots of useless factoids about my life and such, possibly with photo illustrations. Some of you may be very embarrassed by the stories and/or photos, which - I won't lie - will delight me and make it worth the effort.

I envision this blog being somewhere between interesting Mental Floss-y stuff (on a good day) and the Unabomber’s manifesto (bad day). Realistically, it’ll probably be much closer to the latter – minus the whole bomb thing, of course. I’ve never been good at putting things together.

More than likely I’ll update it for a while and then forget that it exists.



Mary said...

Happy blogging!

Bad Date said...

Welcome to blogdome, my dear!

Rage said...

I like! Of course anybody who likes Social Distortion AND the Cure, and is obviously on some level a MSTie and a Pens fan? Money. If I could bottle you and sell you...well, I'd be Jeffrey Dahmer....ewwwwwwww. Anyhoo...I get to be the first of your blog watchers!!! Oh, but not in a creepy blog-watching way. I'm totally not Dahmeresque.